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Experienced Bathroom Renovation Professionals

Take your bathroom renovation to the next level with GRH Plumbing Group. Our experienced team of plumbers can take care of the plumbing & tapware requirements for your reno project offering skilled craftsmanship and a high level of attention to detail.

Create the perfect bathroom with GRH Plumbing Group, contact our team to discuss your renovation today.

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Bathroom & ensuite remodel plumbing

Our plumbing, hot water, and drainage team can help keep your bathroom remodel running smoothly and provide a premium quality finish. We can take care of all plumbing tasks for your reno including:

  • Moving drainage
  • Moving plumbing fixtures
  • Install single & double vanities - wall hung or freestanding
  • Install showers - rail, twin, hand, rain
  • Install toilets - including wall hung, in-wall & integrated toilets
  • Install baths - freestanding, back to wall, drop-in, claw foot
  • Install tapware - mixers, bath, vanity, shower, mixer/outlet combos
  • Fit bidets
  • Install urinals
  • Install spa baths

We’ve worked with a range of builders across Sydney and can also work with homeowner managed bathroom renovation projects. Our plumbers can fit in with your project’s schedule at the removal and installation stages.

Speak to our team about your plans and how we can work together to create your dream bathroom or ensuite.

Important note - plumbing is one of the areas of your bathroom remodel that you can’t DIY. Enlisting the services of a professional, licensed plumber is essential to a successful, building code compliant bathroom renovation.

Modern Bathroom Renovation Modern Renovated Bathroom


Upgrading your hot water to meet the new bathroom needs

If you are adding a bathroom to your existing home it’s a good idea to assess your current water heating system to ensure it will adequately cope with the added demand. If an upgrade to your hot water system is required this is a great opportunity to choose a more energy-efficient unit or to change to a unit that uses renewable energy.

GRH hot water specialist can help you assess and upgrade your water heating system to meet the needs of your household. We provide all styles of hot water heaters including gas, electric, solar, heat pump, instant, and storage.

Correcting low water pressure issues during the reno

In some cases, low water pressure can be corrected by your plumber during the bathroom renovation. Upgrades to specially designed showerheads or swapping out hoses could be all it takes to correct the low water pressure problem. 

Our plumbers will carry out a full evaluation of your home plumbing and provide you with practical solutions where ever possible to restore the water pressure for your new bathroom renovation.

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