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Solve Your Drainage Problems with French Drains

Has the rain transformed your lush lawn into a pool? Flooding outside your property can be a nightmare as it can lead to extensive foundation damage so now is the perfect time to look at your drainage options.

Your drainage problems can be fixed simply and cost effectively with french drains. GRH Plumbing are professional drainage plumbers and we have vast experience in assessing drainage issues and providing effective drainage solutions. We consistently aim to go above and beyond with our workmanship and service, which always provides exemplary customer satisfaction.

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What are French Drains?

A French drain is a sloping perforated pipe that is buried in gravel to direct water away from your property. It is a proven solution to flooding gardens or pooling water as well as being simple to install, cost effective and efficient. Where traditional box drains only in one spot, french drains collect rainwater along the full length of the drain. This is much more preferable for your lawn as there won’t be any dip from pooled water in the lawn around the drain as you get from box drains.

What are the signs that I have drainage issues?

What starts as some surface pooling in your garden can actually lead to some serious damage to your property including structural damage. Insufficient drainage can be identified by:

  • Water pooling on your lawn
  • Water flowing over your gutters
  • Soil erosion
  • Top soil moving when it’s raining
  • Damp stains on your walls or floors
  • Cracks in your retaining walls
  • Foul odours

How is a French Drain installed?

Whilst we have said that the installation of french drains is simple, we mean for the professionals! To install a French drain, our drainage experts start by analysing your garden for the most effective placement of the drain for optimum drainage efficiency. Our GRH plumbers then execute the following steps:

  • Dig the trench
  • Arrange the filter fabric in the trench with enough to wrap around the pipe
  • Put a small amount of gravel in at the bottom
  • Install the perforated pipe with at least 1% downward slope
  • Cover the pipe with more gravel over the pipe and wrap the fabric around the pipe and gravel
  • Finish with gravel or soil if you wish for turf to be planted over the pipe
How a french drain is installed

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